• 9.7 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module
  • 9.7 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module

VIS097XN02 is a TFT LCD display screen module model that adopts a 9.7 inch 4:3 IPS type LCD with a 1024*768 resolution. CTP (Capacity Touch Panel) and RTP(Resistive Touch Panel) can be added according to user requirements.

Century LCD(CTC) originally produced this 9.7-inch IPS LCD panel and is designed for Apple Ipad2. Due to the 4: 3 display ratio and low price, it has become popular in the industrial market. The main applications are POS machines, bank display equipment, electronic restaurant menus, and vehicle displays. Panel manufacturers such as Innolux and IVO soon began to produce this 9.7-inch panels.

Backlight brightness can all be adjusted according to your needs.

We also provide a 9.7 ” LCD module with 2048*1536 resolution products for your choice. If interested, please contact us for more information.

Other 9.7 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module(LCM) models(1024*768) that can be replaced by VIS097XN02 are BI097XN02 V.Y, TM097TDHG04, BF097XN, LP097X02-SLQE, etc.

Panel From Century/Innolux/IVO
Panel Size 9.7 inch
Panel Model BI097XN02 V.Y, C097SNX1-0 
LCM Model VIS097XN02
Panel Type a-Si IPS TFT-LCD, LCM module
Resolution 1024(H) X 768(V)
Luminance 350 cd/m² (Typ.)
Display Area 196.608 x 147.456(mm)
Outline 205.808 x 158.06×2.8(mm)
Interface Type 30 pins  LVDS
View Direction All
Touchscreen Optional
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50 °C
Storage Temperature -25 ~ 65 °C

9.7 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module Structure

9.7 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module Structure

Pin Symbol Description
1 GND Ground
2 Vcc Power Supply (+3.3V Typ.)
3 Vcc Power Supply (+3.3V Typ.)
4 V EDID DDC Power+3.3V
5 NC NC (Reserve)
8 Rin0- LVDS Differential Data Input
9 Rin0+ LVDS Differential Data Input
10 GND Ground
11 Rin1- LVDS Differential Data Input
12 Rin1+ LVDS Differential Data Input
13 GND Ground
14 Rin2- LVDS Differential Data Input
15 Rin2+ LVDS Differential Data Input
16 GND Ground
17 CLK in- LVDS Differential Clock Input
18 CLK in+ LVDS Differential Clock Input
19 GND Ground
20 NC NC
21 Vdc LED Anode (Positive)
22 Vdc LED Anode (Positive)
23 NC NC
24 Vdc1 LED Cathode (Negative)
25 Vdc2 LED Cathode (Negative)
26 Vdc3 LED Cathode (Negative)
27 Vdc4 LED Cathode (Negative)
28 Vdc5 LED Cathode (Negative)
29 Vdc6 LED Cathode (Negative)
30 NC NC
  • 4:3 display ratio

  • High stability