• 8 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module(800*600)
  • 8 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module(800*600)

VIS080TN02S is 8 inch TFT LCD display panel module model that adopts 4:3 TN type LCD with 800*600 resolution. CTP (Capacity Touch Panel) and RTP(Resistive Touch Panel) can be added according to user requirements.

This 8 inch LCD module is specially developed for industrial and automotive products, so it has a long life cycle. We can guarantee a stable supply of this 8″ LCD display panel module throughout the life cycle of customer’s products.

Based on the panel’s 4:3 display ratio, high stability and excellent storage and operating temperature range, this 8 inch LCD display module can be widely used in industrial instruments (meters), car display and other products.

FPCA pin defines & shape alignment, polarizer material, and backlight brightness can all be adjusted according to your needs.

We also provide 8 ” LCD module with 800*480,1024*600 and 1024*768 resolution products for your choice. If interested, please contact us for more information.

Other 8 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module(LCM) models(800*600) that can be replaced by VIS080TN02S are EJ080NA-05B, TM080SDH01, AT080TN42, A080SN03 V0, etc.

Panel From Innolux/BOE
Panel Size 8 inch
Panel Model EE080NA-06A, GT080S0Q-N11-1QP0
LCM Model VIS080TN02S
Panel Type a-Si TN TFT-LCD, LCM module
Resolution 800(H) X 600(V)
Luminance 500 cd/m² (Typ.)
Display Area 162.00*121.50(mm)
Outline 183.00*141.00*6.20(mm)
Interface Type 50 pins  RGB/TTL
View Direction  6 o’clock
Touchscreen Optional
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ 80 °C
8 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module Structure

Pin No. Symbol I/O Function
1-4 NC No connect
5 GND P Ground.
6 VCOM I Common voltage
7 VCC P Power for digital circuit
8 MODE   DE/SYNC mode select
9 DE I Data enable pin
10 VS I Frame sync signal
11 HS I Line sync signal
12-19 B7~B0 I Blue data bus
20-27 G7~G0 I Green data bus
  28-35 R7~R0 I Red data bus
36 GND P Ground.
37 DCLK I Data clock
38 GND P Ground.
39 L/R I Right/ left selection
40 U/D I Up/down selection
41 VGH P Gate ON voltage
42 VGL P Gate OFF voltage
43 AVDD P Power for Analog circuit
44 RESET I Global reset pin.
45 NC I No connection
46 VCOM P Common voltage
47 DITHB I Dithering function
48 GND P Ground.
49 NC I No connection
50 NC I No connection
  • Long life cycle
  • 4:3 display ratio
  • High stability