1) 10 inch 1024*600 TN LCD

  • 10.1 inch HDMI LCD module
  • LCD HDMI Board
  • 10.1 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module
  • 10.1 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module
  • 10.1 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module

VIS101TN02 is a 10.1 inch TFT LCD display screen module model that adopts TN type LCD with a 1024*600 resolution. CTP (Capacity Touch Panel) and RTP(Resistive Touch Panel) can be added according to user requirements. Based on the substantial and long-term shipments of 10.1 inch LCD panels, we can guarantee a stable supply of this 10.1″ LCD display panel module throughout the life cycle of your product.

We also supply LCD with HDMI converter for your requirements. 

Based on this LCD’s low price and high stability, this type of LCD display module can be widely used in smart homes, electronic restaurant menus, industrial instruments, vehicle displays, and other products.

FPCA pin defines & shape alignment, polarizer material, and backlight brightness can all be adjusted according to your needs.

We also provide a 10.1 ” LCD module with 1280*800 resolution products for your choice. If interested, please contact us for more information.

Other 10.1 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module(LCM) models(1024*600) that can be replaced by VIS101TN02 are G101STN01, M101NWT2, N101LGE-L11 (CMO1032), TM101DDHG01, etc.

Panel From AUO/IVO
Panel Size 10.1 inch
Panel Model A101STN01, C101NWTG
LCM Model VIS101TN02
Panel Type a-Si TN TFT-LCD, LCM module
Resolution 1024(H) X 600(V)
Luminance 350 cd/m² (Typ.)
Display Area 222.72*125.28(mm)
Outline 235.00*143.00*5.00(mm)
Interface Type 40 pins  LVDS
View Direction 6  o’clock
Touchscreen Optional
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50 °C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Important:Due to the website layout and format limit, this specification & Datasheet of 10.1 inch LCD module is for reference only. For accurate SPEC&DATASHEET of the PDF format, please contact us. 1. General Specifications VIS101TN02 is a TFT-LCD module. It is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC, a back light unit. The 10.1¢¢ display area contains 1024 x 600 pixels and can display up to 16.7M colors. This product accords with RoHS environmental criterion.

Item Contents Unit Note
LCD Type TFT  
Display color 16.7M    
Viewing Direction 12 O’Clock  
Gray scale inversion direction 6 O’Clock  
Operating temperature -0~+50  
Storage temperature -20~+60  
Module size Refer to outline drawing mm  
Active Area(W×H) 222.72X125.28 mm  
Number of Dots 1024×600 dots  
Controller HX8282A14+HX8696  
Power Supply Voltage 3.3 V  
Outline Dimensions Refer to outline drawing  
Backlight 3X13-LEDs (white) pcs  
Weight g  
Interface LVDS  

2. Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25℃) 2.1 Electrical Absolute Maximum Ratings.(Vss=0V ,Ta=25℃)

Item Symbol Min. Max. Unit Note
Power Supply Voltage VDD -0.3 5.0 V 1,2
AVDD 6.5 13.5 V  
VGH -0.3 42.0 V  
VGL -20 0.3 V  
VGH-VGL 40.0 V  


  1. If the module is above these absolute maximum ratings. It may become permanently

Using the module within the following electrical characteristic conditions are also exceeded, the module will malfunction and cause poor reliability.

  1. VCC >VSS must be

2.2 Typical operation conditions

Item Symbol Values Unit Remark
Min. Typ. Max.
Power voltage VDD 3.0 3.3 3.6 V  
AVDD 10.2 10.5 10.8 V  
VGH 20 21 22 V  
VGL -5.0 -5.5 -6.0 V  
Input signal voltage VCOM 3.3 3.7 4.2 V  
Input logic high voltage VIH 0.7 VDD VDD V  
Input logic low voltage VIL 0 0.3VDD V

2.3 Environmental Absolute Maximum Ratings

Item Storage Operating Note
Ambient Temperature -20℃ 60℃ 0℃ 50℃ 1,2
Humidity 3
  1. The response time will become lower when operated at low temperatures.

2. Background color changes slightly depending on ambient temperatures. The phenomenon is reversible.

  1. Ta<=40℃:85%RH MAX.

Ta>=40℃:Absolute humidity must be lower than the humidity of 85%RH at 40℃. 3. Electrical Specifications and Instruction Code 3.1 Electrical characteristics(Vss=0V ,Ta=25℃)

Parameter Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit Note
Power supply VCC Ta=25℃ 3.0 3.3 3.6 V  
Input voltage ‘H’ VIH VCC=3.3V 0.8VCC VCC V  
‘L’ VIL VCC=3.3V 0 0.2VCC V  
Current Consumption ICC1 Normal mode 50 mA 2
ICC2 Sleep mode 0.2 mA 2
Clock Frequency fCLK 50 MHz  

Note: 1:When an optimum contrast is obtained in the transmissive mode — 2: Tested in 1╳1 chessboard pattern. 3.2 LED backlight specification(VSS=0V ,Ta=25℃)

Item Symb ol Condition Min Typ Max Unit Note
Supply voltage Vf If=20X13mA 9.0 V  
Uniformity ΔBp If=20X13mA 70     %  
Luminance for LCD Lv If=20X13mA 350   Cd/m2  
Life Time T If=20X13mA 30000   Hours  

3.3 Interface signals

Pin No. Symbol I/O Function
1 VCOM P Common voltage
2-3 VDD P Power for digital circuit
4 NC No connect
5 REST I Global reset pin
6 SBYB I Stand mode: SBYB=1,normal operation SBYB=0,timing control,source driver will turn off,all output are hight-Z
7 GND P Ground
8 RXIN0- I -LVDS differential data input
9 RXIN0+ I +LVDS differential data input
10 GND P Ground
11 RXIN1- I -LVDS differential data input
12 RXIN1+ I +LVDS differential data input
13 GND P Ground
14 RXIN2- I -LVDS differential data input
15 RXIN2+ I +LVDS differential data input
16 GND P Ground
17 RXCLKIN- I -LVDS differential clock input
18 RXCLKIN+ I +LVDS differential clock input
19 GND P Ground
20 RXIN3- I -LVDS differential data input
21 RXIN3+ I +LVDS differential data input
22 GND P Ground
23-24 NC No connection
25 GND P Ground
26 NC No connection
27 DIMO I Blacklight CABC controller signal output
28 SELB I 6bit/8bit select H:6bit, L:8bit
29 AVDD P Power for analog circuit
30 GND P Ground
31-32 NC No connection
33 L/R I Horizonal inversion
34 U/D I Vertical inversion
35 VGL P Negative power for TFT
36 CABCEN1 I CABC H/W enable
37 CABCEN0 I CABC H/W enable
38 VGH P Positive power for TFT
39-40 NC No connection

4. Optical Characteristics

Item Symbol Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit Note
Brightness Bp θ=0° F=0° 350 Cd/m2 1
Uniformity ⊿Bp 70 % 1,2
Viewing Angle 3:00 Cr≥10 60 Deg 3
6:00 45
9:00 60
12:00 60
Contrast Ratio Cr θ=0° F=0° 300 500   4
Response Time Tr 10 ms 5
Tf 10 ms
Color of CIE Coordinate W x θ=0° F=0°   0.28   1,6
y   0.33  
R x   0.51  
y   0.34  
G x   0.31  
y   0.56  
B x   0.15  
y   0.14  
NTSC Ratio S 50 60 %


No Test Item Test condition Criterion
1 High Temperature Storage 60℃±2℃ 96H Restore 2H at 25℃ Power off 1. After testing, cosmetic and electrical defects should not happen. 2. Total current consumption should not be more than twice of initial value.
2 Low Temperature Storage -20℃±2℃ 96H Restore 2H at 25℃ Power off
3 High Temperature Operation 50℃±2℃ 96H Restore 2H at 25℃ Power on
4 Low Temperature Operation 0℃±2℃ 96H Restore 4H at 25℃ Power on
5 High Temperature/Humidity Operation 40℃±2℃ 90%RH 96H Power on
6 Temperature Cycle 20℃←-– – – – – – – – →60℃ 30min 5min 30min after 5 cycle, Restore 2H at 25℃ Power off
7 Vibration Test 10Hz~150Hz, 100m/s2, 120min Not allowed cosmetic and electrical defects.
8 Shock Test Half- sine wave,300m/s2,11ms

Note: Operation: Supply 3.3V for the logic system. The inspection terms after reliability test, as below

ITEM Inspection
Contrast CR>50%
IDD IDD<200%
Brightness Brightness>60%
Color Tone Color Tone+/-0,05

6. LCM outline Drawing 10.1 inch TFT LCD Display Screen Module Structure 7. Precautions for Use of LCD Modules 7.1 Handling Precautions

  • The display panel is made of glass. Do not subject it to a mechanical shock by dropping it from a high place, etc.
  • If the display panel is damaged and the liquid crystal substance inside it leaks out, be sure not to get any in your mouth, if the substance comes into contact with your skin or clothes, promptly wash it off using soap and water.
  • Do not apply excessive force to the display surface or the adjoining areas since this may cause the color tone to vary.
  • The polarizer covering the display surface of the LCD module is soft and easily scratched. Handle this polarizer carefully.
  • If the display surface is contaminated, breathe on the surface and gently wipe it with a soft dry cloth. If still not completely clear, moisten the cloth with one of the following solvents:
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Ethyl alcohol

Solvents other than those mentioned above may damage the polarizer. Especially, do not use the following:

  • Water
  • Ketone
  • Aromatic solvents
  • Do not attempt to disassemble the LCD module.
  • If the logic circuit power is off, do not apply the input signals.
  • To prevent destruction of the elements by static electricity, be careful to maintain an optimum worka. Be sure to ground the body when handling the LCD modules. b. Tools required for assembly, such as soldering irons, must be properly ground. c. To reduce the amount of static electricity generated, do not conduct assembly and other work under dry d. The LCD Module is coated with a film to protect the display surface. Be care when peeling off this protective film since static electricity may be generated.

7.2 Storage precautions

  • When storing the LCD modules, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or to the light of fluorescent lamps.
  • The LCD modules should be stored under the storage temperature range. If the LCD modules will be stored for a long time, the recommend condition is: Temperature : 0℃ ~ 40℃ Relatively humidity: ≤80%
  • The LCD modules should be stored in the room without acid, alkali and harmful gas.

7.3 The LCD modules should be no falling and violent shocking during transportation, and also should avoid excessive press, water, damp and sunshine.

  • Long life cycle
  • High stability
  • Low price

2) 10 inch 1280*800 IPS Touch LCD

  • 10 inch touch screen
  • 10 inch lcd display

VIS101IPS02C is a 10.1-inch touch TFT LCD module model that adopts IPS type LCD with a 1280*800 resolution. CTP (Capacity Touch Panel) has been added. 

We also supply LCD with an HDMI converter for your requirements. 

Based on this LCD’s wide view angle and high stability, this type of LCD display module can be widely used in smart homes, electronic restaurant menus, industrial instruments, vehicle displays, and other products.

FPCA pin defines & shape alignment, CTP  touch, and backlight brightness can all be customized.

Panel From AUO/BOE
Panel Size 10.1 inch
LCM Model VIS101IPS02C
Panel Type a-Si IPS LCD, LCM module with Touch
Resolution 1280(H) X 800(V)
Luminance 400 cd/m² (Typ.)
Display Area

216.96*135.60 (mm)

Outline 228.6*148.8*2.6 (mm)
Interface Type LVDS
View Direction 6  o’clock
Touchscreen All
Operating Temperature  -20 ~ 70 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ 80 °C

– Interface: LVDS

– BLU: 10*4 LED (10*LED in series and 4 groups in parallel) IBL=80mA, VBL=27V;
Can be designed as requirements.

– LCM outline dimension: 228.6(H)*148.8(V)*2.6(T)(mm)
Can be customized as requirements.

– Touch Panel
A capacitive touch panel was included.
The touch panel can be customized as requirements.

  • Wide View Angle

  • High stability
  • Capacitive touch