All 7 inch HD horizon & vertical LCD Thumbnails

7 inch TFT LCD

  • 6~8 years life cycle guarantee
  • 250~1,000 nits brightness can be customized
  • Thickness and flexible PCB length optional
  • Various existing CTP&RTP available
  • Customization fee starts at $0

7" 800x480 LCD

Resolution 800x480
View TN(12 o'clock)
IC all
Interface RGB / LVDS
Connection Flexible PCB
Luminance 250~1,000 cd/m2
Touch CTP/RTP (Optional)
Sto Temp -30~80 ℃
Oto Temp -20~70 ℃

7" 1024x600 LCD

Resolution 1024x600
Type IPS
IC HX8282/HX8696
Interface RGB/LVDS
Connection Plugging
Luminance 250~1,000 cd/m2
Touch Capacitive(Optional)
Sto Temp -30~80 ℃
Oto Temp -20~70 ℃

7" 800x1280 LCD

Resolution 800x1280
Type IPS
IC ILI9881
Interface RGB/MIPI
Connection Connector/Plugging
Luminance 400 cd/m2
Touch CTP(Optional)
Sto Temp -30~80 ℃
Oto Temp -20~70 ℃

7" 1200x1920 LCD

Resolution 1200x1920
Type IPS
IC HX8279/FT7250
Interface MIPI
Connection Connector
Luminance 300~1,000 cd/m2
Touch CTP(Optional)
Sto Temp -30~70 ℃
Oto Temp -10~60 ℃
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