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Since 2014

Lifetime Stable supply

All LCDs are guaranteed to be available for at least 3 to 5 years, and some models are guaranteed to be available for up to 10 years.

Reasonable Price

The same product ensures that it is not higher than the market average price.

Payment in multiple currencies

Supports payment in multiple currencies, including but not limited to USD EUR GBP HKD CNH AUD CAD JPY CHF DKK NOK NZD SEK SGD

Fast Delivery

Sample ETD within 1~2 weeks after confirming the order and mass production within 1 month after confirming the sample.

Flexible Order Quantity

Accept a small formal order of 500~1,000 pcs

Best Quality Promise

100% lighting inspection before shipment, with 1 year warranty period after shipment.

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Our Business Process


You can reach us by mail, phone, and social media, to let us know the specifications you want for your LCD product, the quantity of demand, and the time of production. Our focus is to evaluate your project.


We will conduct an immediate assessment, as well as information on capacity allocation, the supply of key components such as panel and IC, market conditions, to provide accurate feedback and advice that you need for your business.


When you receive suggested feedbacks from us, the two parties will confirm the specific order after discussion.


When the product has been confirmed, the production of samples/MP will start. Production and shipping inspection will also start according to the standard process, so as to ensure the quality delivery in good condition.


Arrange your LCD product for packing, reliable shipping or air delivery until delivered to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in serving customers of industrial product manufacturers, and we are happy to meet all kinds of strange needs of customers. As long as it is related to LCD.

Yes, we welcome sample orders to test and check quality. Even 1 pcs is also OK.

For most mainstream LCD sizes, we have a solid and continuous relationship with upstream panel and IC manufacturers. And our main employees are from LCD upstream companies and have the most extensive resource information and personal connections in the industry. So we can guarantee the supply.

Of course, we support customization, including FPCA cable, touch screen and backlight, etc. Customized FPCA cable or touch screen generally requires 1~2K MOQ.

Samples support PayPal or bank payment; mass production (MP) supports bank payment.

Our team is young and passionate, and our products are reliable and professional. We will reply to any customer's questions within 8-12 hours; we will continue to supply more than 3 years for the case of 200 pcs of demand a month.

If it is an existing product, we will ship it immediately without waiting; if it is a new product that needs to be developed, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Firstly, we all use A+ level LCD panels and ICs. Backlight, FPCA cable and Touch Screen also come from high-standard suppliers. Finally, the finished product must pass the reliability test (RA) and 100% full inspection before shipment.

Yes. We will try to find a suitable existing LCD for you firstly. If not, consider customizing some of the components for you.

Yes, we offer a half-year or one-year warranty for our LCD products.

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